Stringband Design

NiamhMapleA well-considered string design is essential to the performance and tone of a harp.  Timothy Harps instruments use nylon monofiliament strings in the treble, wound nylon or flourocarbon in the mid-range, and steel with silk bedding and silver wind in the bass.  This combination ensures even tone and even feel, with a delightful combination of warmth and clarity.

As a professional harpist myself, I have a decided preference for moderate-high string tension, which lets a performer be much more expressive with dynamics.  On low-tensioned harps the volume level tends to be very stable regardless of how you engage the strings.  Higher tensioned strings let you play delicately to elicit a gentle whisper of sound or forcefully enough to make the harp rumble like thunder.

Our string tension is even and consistent from the bass to the treble, and the strings are spaced very slightly closer than standard pedal harp spacing.  As with a pedal harp, the string spacing gets gradually wider as you move towards the bass register, where the strings are thicker and vibrate with a greater amplitude.

If you prefer a narrower spacing for quick Celtic ornamentation, or slightly wider spacing to facilitate switching back and forth between your Timothy and your pedal harp, please let us know, and we would be happy to accommodate your taste!

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