Llyr 36 String Celtic Harp


Black Walnut Llyr just prior to lever installation


For the ancient Irish, Llyr, the Ocean symbolised the challenge of the limitless, and the mystery of the divine. The Llyr 36 String Celtic Harp represents the pinnacle of our harp-building design experience. The unique, flat-surface construction and asymmetrical sound-board of the Llyr, in conjunction with careful craftsmanship and hand-selected tone-woods, give it an unusually full, rich voice, from the clear and ringing treble to the powerfully resonant bass. In addition, the tapered sound-box and angled sides make the Llyr very comfortable to play. String tension is even throughout for a crisp, dynamic response, and spacing is comparable to that of a concert harp.

• Solid Cherry, Maple or Walnut frame
• Solid, asymmetrical compound tapered soundboard
• Full Camac Levers, Ergonomic tuning key
• Deluxe Colorado Case Company Case
• Range C to C, 54″ tall, 22-24lbs

$4800 Canadian


Cherry Llyr


Maple and Walnut Llyrs at Annapolis Royal



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