features_leversOver the years, Timothy Harps has installed and used virtually every lever available on the market.  Each had its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  We were inexpressibly delighted in 2004 when Camac revealed its new and innovative lever design.  In our opinion this lever is the best of its kind ever produced.  We were proud to be one of the first North American harp companies to offer Camac levers, and we use them exclusively for all our harps.

We think the Camac lever is superior for several reasons.  First, the action of the lever permits the bridge pin height to be set lower in to the neck of the harp than is possible with other lever brands.  This reduces the stress that the strings place on a harp’s neck.  Second, every other lever on the market rubs against the string each time it is engaged or disengaged because they rotate into position.  Camac levers are ingeniously designed to rotate in two different directions simultaneously when they are engaged.  The two rotations cancel each other out and the lever pushes straight down onto the string, virtually without friction.  Third, Camac levers engage with a pleasantly solid, positive lock, and will never spring down by accident while you play.  Fourth, they are very pretty and reasonably priced!

If you are a devoted fan of a different style of lever, we will of course make every attempt to accommodate your preferences.  But we would encourage you to give Camacs a try first; once you’ve experienced them we doubt you’ll go back!

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