Widesky2The frame of a harp supports the tension of the strings.  It must be rigid to resist vibrating, and sturdy enough to withstand many hundreds of pounds of tension for many years.  Our harp frames feature

  • Carbon fiber reinforced necks.  Carbon fiber, when it is laminated to wood, is as strong as spring steel.  A ribbon of carbon fiber runs along the underside of every harp neck we make, bonded permanently to the wood of the frame.  This adds enormously to the strength of the harp, and renders it virtually impervious to neck failure. Our Storm King pillars are also carbon fiber reinforced.

  • Solid hardwood construction.  Our frames are made from carefully selected hardwoods, and further reinforced with sculpted cheek-pieces at the joint of neck and pillar, and sculpted heel caps at the pillar’s base.  Because this sculpting is done by hand, every harp is as unique as the musician who plays it.

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