harpcaseEvery Timothy Harps Storm King, Llyr and Niamh comes with a deluxe soft case by the Colorado Case Company.   These cases are toughly made and warranted for life!  Featuring a tough nylon cordura shell, a soft inner lining, a full inch of protective foam, two music pockets, numerous straps and handles, and an industrial quality zipper, your harp will be safe and secure as you carry it to gigs and rehearsals.  In addition, our harp cases come with pre-installed velcro strips to fit the Colorado Case Company wheeled base.  We offer our cases in charcoal grey with burgundy piping.

 Performing in a large venue or with a group?  Timothy Harps now offers a fabulous pickup/preamp system.  In 2006, we auditioned several systems from various companies, and settled on the K&K harp pickup system as the best sounding pickup we had heard, at a very reasonable price.  We can install this system in your harp while we build it, or as a post-manufacture upgrade, for $250 Canadian

The system includes a double headed piezo pickup which is installed on the inner face of the soundboard, and a small but powerful preamp which installs just inside the top soundhole with rare earth magnets.   (please note.. the picture to the left shows a triple headed pickup, which is actually their guitar version of this system… harps need only two)  accessories_pickupsystem

The 1/4″ socket is permanently and discreetly installed below the lowest soundhole on a harp’s back.  Now you can plug and play just as easily as a guitar player!

 The preamp offers adjustable trim pots for tweaking bass, treble and midranges, as well as overall gain, and you can adjust your volume quickly and easily with a slider without leaving your harp to walk over to the PA system.  The sound is lovely.. clear and undistorted.  It’s your harp… just louder!

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