Abhainn 30 String Student Harp

JpegAt Timothy Harps, we’ve built our reputation as one of the world’s foremost providers of professional quality Celtic Harps.  However, not every family can manage the expense of a professional harp.

The Abhainn (pronounced aven) 30 string student harp was developed as a means of bringing an affordable, quality harp to performers with smaller budgets.

An ideal student harp needs to possess many of the characteristics of a professional harp, of course.  It should have a full, balanced voice, even string tension and a well-considered ergonomic design.  However, in addition it should be tough enough to withstand the rigours of being dragged back and forth to lessons, and the rough handling it may receive in the care of younger performers.

Our Abhainn 30 string harp is built with a solid hardwood frame,  aircraft-quality birch laminate soundboard and a lighter birch laminate back.  It uses tapered harp pins just like our professional harps and Universal levers.  The string tension is moderate and even throughout the harp’s range, and its voice is full and open.  Its four octave range offers generous space for beginners and experienced harpists alike to develop their craft.

At only 11 pounds, the Abhainn is a breeze to transport!  Whether you’re heading to a performance, a lesson, a weekend at the cottage, or busking at a Ren Faire, the Abhainn helps you take your music on the road!

•  Height: 47″    •  Soundboard width 12″
•  Weight 11 lbs  •  Range G to A  4 octaves.
•  Solid Walnut, Cherry or Maple frame
•  Birch laminate soundboard and back
•  C and F Universal Levers.

Harp Price :$1500
Additional levers may be installed at $20/lever.

Abhainn (Aven) is Gaelic for “stream.” Most streams lead eventually to the ocean and many harpists may find that after years with a student harp they are ready to consider the purchase of a professional harp to take their music to the next level.  Our Llyr (the Ocean) model may be one they consider!

For those clients, we have created a buy-back program.  Any harpist who purchases an Abhainn, and decides within five years to purchase one of our Llyr or Storm King model professional harps is eligible to receive a purchase credit of up to the full original value of their Abhainn (depending on the harp’s condition) against the price of the professional harp.   If your Abhainn leads you to the Llyr, we’d like to help you realize that dream.

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