New look for the Abhainn!


Our Abhainn 30 string Student Harp has become quite popular over the last two years with harp teachers and students alike.  We have had many requests for an Abhainn with a permanent stand, partly for aesthetics, and partly because many of the Abhainns we have made were purchased by adults who did not anticipate growing much 

Here it is, with a smoother, more attractive profile and a light but sturdy permanent stand.  We will still offer adjustable stands on request.

Southward Bound! The Harp Gathering comes to North Carolina

It’s cold and blustery here in Nova Scotia today, but according to my calendar there are only 59 more days remaining before my trip to the balmy South to take part in the Harp Gathering, North Carolina.

Wait, what?  Isn’t the Harp Gathering located in the also-rather-coldish-and-blustery state of Ohio?  Well it has been thus far, but in 2014 the organizers of the Harp Gathering decided to host a second conference in a warmer state just at the end of Winter.  I suspect ulterior motives, and if I hear that next year there will be a Harp Gathering Jamaica in January that suspicion will be confirmed.

(Hmm.  HGJJ.  That has kind of a ring to it.  I have never displayed harps while sipping mojitos but I think I could throw myself on that grenade if pressed. :))

I am really excited about the Harp Gathering in North Carolina.  The list of performers looks terrific, including Tapestry, Frank Voltz, Aryeh Frankfurter, Lisa Lynne, Kim Robertson, and… wait for it… Patrick Ball!  I have never had the opportunity to hear Patrick Ball in person and can’t wait!  The Village Inn in Clemmons NC looks like a fabulous venue too.

A New Year and a New Website!


Welcome to the new Timothy Harps website!  We have redesigned our site for easier navigation and updates, and because the old one felt… well… old. 

Some pages are still under construction as content is being developed, but I’d love to hear what you think about our new look!  Write me at

Blessings and music to you all in the New Year.